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Adding multiple images to a product in bulk

You have dozens or even hundreds of products onto which you need to add multiple images?

Store Commander's CSV import tool will help you perform this task in just a few minutes.

When creating your CSV file, you will need to include a product identifier (name, reference or ID) and a column including the image URLs (see our related article here), comma separated, if the value separator used in your import configuration is also the comma.

Here is an example:



lightbulb.png Tips

  • During the import process, images are resized several times, and this could take time and system resources if you have hundreds of images to import.
    It is therefore strongly advised to use the automatic import option which will reduce the load on your server for a successful import.
    Please refer to this knowledgebase article for more detailed information.
  • If images are already associated to the products and you wish to replace them, the CSV import tool can also assist you in this task.
    Please refer to this knowledgebase article.


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