About Store Commander

Store Commander has been developing a wide range of software to manage and update e-commerce data faster.

Time-saving and productivity: the speed of our systems is a breakthrough in PrestaShop backoffice management. With Store Commander you automate a catalog update, modify prices or images 10 times faster!

Closer to your sales: intuitive and ergonomic, Store Commander includes multiple functionalities to increase productivity. In a few clicks, you apply updates, a catalog, control your stock in real time, products combinations...

For all e-commerce players. SEO, links to marketplaces, web agency: E-commerce specialists strongly appreciate the simplicity of our systems and add-ons to complement other programs.

Store Commander Logos


Glyph 1

Glyph 2

Recommended usage :

  • Use the logotype for general purposes
  • Use the glyph for reduced UI spaces
  • Use the monochromatic glyph for printing materials that use only one color. Only for use with black & white

Color variations


Dark Background


Recommended usage :

  • Use the original logotype with white backgrounds.
  • Use the dark background logo with black backgrounds.
  • Use the monochromatic logo for printing materials that use only one color. Only for use with black & white

Store Commander Colors


RGB: 214/13/60

CMYK: 0/94/72/16



RGB: 214/13/60

CMYK: 0/94/72/16



RGB: 156/156/156

CMYK: 0/0/0/39

Store Commander Fonts

Open Sans


Store CommanderSpelling

Store Commander

Store commander

store Commander

store commander