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Managing product features with Store Commander

Store Commander's interface includes a panel dedicated to features management, accessible from Catalog > Features.

Associating features to products is done in the Features grid of the Properties column.

There are 2 types of features: preset and custom values.

Preset values are created in the Features management panel and will be selectable in the corresponding drop down menus in the Features grid.

Custom values are free text that is entered directly in the column of the same name in the Features grid.


 Creating & modifying features

You can create features (groups and values) in the dedicated panel accessible from the Catalog menu.

You will find the various groups in the left panel and the corresponding feature values in the right handside panel.

Simply click on the Add icon  located on the toolbar to add a new group or a new value. A new line will be created that you can edit to enter the information.

To delete a group or a value, click on the delete icon delete.gif once you have selected the group/value to remove.

If you need to modify the name of a group or a feature, simply double click the cell to edit and modify. The changes will be automatically applied to the products using that feature.


 Setting up the positions on the product page

The Groups panel of the Features management window includes a 'position' column allowing you to decide which order to display the features onto the products pages.

You will find detailed information on this article.


 Associating features to products

Associating various features to your products can be done in the Features grid located in the Properties column.

Once the product is selected, you can then choose the features from the available drop down menus.

Of course you can associate the same feature(s) to multiple products in one manipulation, simply by selecting these products beforehand.

But please note that refreshing the grid  is necessary before selecting the features.


 Dissociating features off products

The steps to follow to dissociate feature(s) from one or multiple products are the same as above, except that you would choose the dash (-) in the drop down menu.


 Associating features to products in bulk using the CSV import

Associating features to hundreds of products can be done very quickly using Store Commander's CSV import tool, whether you are creating or modifying products.

You will find detailed instructions in this article.


 Remplacing features in bulk using the CSV import

Store Commander's CSV import tool can also allow you to quickly replace features already associated to your products.

See how in this article.


 Multiple Features

If you are already using Multiple Features module from, you could get our add-on of the same name to manage your multple features in Store Commander's interface and in bulk with the CSV import.

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