Manage multiple features on your products

with Store Commander!

  • Select dozens of products and associate dozens of features to them in a few clicks only
  • Use Store Commander's CSV import tool to import multiple features in bulk
  • The CSV import also allows to delete products features in bulk so that you can come with a clean slate!


Introduction and add-on demonstration

  • This add-on allows both the application Store Commander and the Multiple Features module from Presta-module to be fully compatible. This means you can now not only use as many features as you want for the same product with Multiple Features but you can also update them in bulk with Store Commander.
  • You can try Multiple Features on this page by creating a Live Demo. 
  • A Multiple Features grid is available from the Properties column.



  • Prestashop 1.4 à 1.6
  • Add-on version: 1.1



  • To be able to use this add-on, you need to have BOTH Multiple Features module available on our partner's website AND the module version of Store Commander.
  • If you are already using Store Commander but is not located in /modules/storecommander/ you will need to apply a manual update. Instructions can be found on this article.
  • To use this add-on, the minimum Store Commander version required is dated 2014-01-14 and after, version number which is indicated at the bottom-left of Store Commander’s interface.
  • If your support period is still active, simply run the update from Store Commander’s interface > Help > Update Store Commander to be able to install the Multiple Features add-on you purchased. 



  • Install this add-on as a classic Prestashop module, from Modules menu in your backoffice.



  • Documentation is available on our dedicated forum.


Technical support

  • This SC add-on will be updated according to cybermerchants’ needs and Prestashop’s future releases. Technical support is provided by Store Commander by email for the duration of your valid period of support and updates of Store Commander.