Sc supports you during peak periods

Sc vous épaule en période de pic d'activité

Increased order flow and customer demand, longer opening hours, product returns - the sales season is well and truly underway. The "peak season" is not always easy to manage, forcing e-merchants to prepare seriously in advance and to remain reactive over the long term.

Your sales are soaring and you're on all fronts? Store Commander is here to help you stay on course during this hectic period, with a wide range of content designed to address the different issues you may encounter.

We've selected a number of articles, mini-tutorials and webinars to help you make the most of your booming business.

1. Last-minute price changes?

  • Configure your prices quickly

Webinar: Price management in Sc

Tutorial: Managing specific prices in one place

  • Consult your product margins - modify prices and discounts

Knowledge base: Modifying the sale price in bulk using margin value

Knowledge base: How can i see margins on products?

Knowledge base: How can i adapt product prices according to margins?

2. Make sure you're available to your customers

  • Respond to messages from your customers about orders in progress (after-sales service)

Knowledge base: Viewing customer messages related to orders

  • Relaunch pending baskets

Blog article: Following up your clients' unvalidated carts

  • Apply a discount for a specific customer

Knowledge base: Specifitc prices per customer

3. Manage your urgent orders

Knowledge base: Lost parcel... How can i find the corresponding order fast?

4. Search for a product without wasting time

Knowledge base: Find a product fast using Sc search tools

Blog article: Very precise search tool in the product catalog

5. Your stocks are no longer a secret:

  • Check stocks on current orders (Sc order interface)

Knowledge base: How can i check stock on ordered products?

  • Draw up an inventory of your stocks by CSV export

Exporting product stock

Now it's your turn to get to grips with our flexible module and become even more reactive, even during rush periods. Sc supports you in optimizing the decisive promotional season, and helps you to focus on what's at stake in your store!