Very precise search tool in the product catalog

Save time when managing combinations

Did you know?

Store Commander inlcudes a simple search as well as a made to measure search.

Amongst all the tedious tasks involved when managing an online shop, the search for infomation is one of the most important point. Let's see how you can improve this with Store Commander.

The simple search: at the top right corner of the interface, ou can enter a few characters to see the matching products as a clickable link. Click to display the product you're looking for in Sc interface, just where you were: stay in your current work context, simple and useful!

The custom search it allows you to modify the search tool by adding a piece of information specific to your own shop. With knowledge in PHP/MySQL you can add any new search criteria, for you to find the correct information fast. If you do not have developement skills, you can refer to your web agency.

As an example: your shop is connected to an ERP that uses it's own reference on products. The field REF_INT has been added to your PrestaShop product pages to link your shop and the ERP.

This new field can be added to Sc search tool to make your work easier - technical instructions are avaible on this knowledge base article.