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Quick Export option: a simple copy/paste

In all views and grids of Store Commander interface (catalog, orders, customers, CMS, etc) you will find this icon .

This is the quick export function which is a simple copy/paste of the data displayed in the view/grid onto a spreadsheet (Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, etc).

To get the information onto a spreadsheet, simply click on the quick export icon.

A window will popup automatically that contains the grid information, on a colored background (meaning the data is selected).

You can now use your keyboard to copy with CTRL+C or CMD+C if you are a Mac user.

Open your spreadsheet and paste with CTRL+V or CMD+V.

That's it, the Store Commander view/grid is not on your Excel, OpenOffice spreadsheet.



This quick export option is very useful to extract your customer email addresses to run a promotional campaign for example - see Related Articles below.

It can also be used to get the current product information on a spreadsheet in order to modify it, and then apply the modifications by importing the file (once saved as a CSV file).

Tip: before using the quick export option, you can sort or filter the information in the grid, like filtering by manufacturer to only export products associated to that specific manufacturer - see Related Articles below.

On the other hand, hidden columns will still be exported.

Another time saver for you :)



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