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Exporting filtered data

The CSV export tool included in Store Commander allows you to export very precise data, simply by using various formulas in the export mappng.


  • For Reference field, if the first two characters are different from WS, we do not export the corresponding products



  • For Quantity field, we export products with a quantité below or equal to 10

=( '(x)' <= 10 ? '(x)' : '_DONOTEXPORT_')


  • For Manufacturer, we exporte products associated to 'Nike'

=( '(x)' == 'Nike' ? '(x)' : '_DONOTEXPORT_')


  • For Weight field, we do not export products with a weight equal to 0

=( '(x)' == 0 ? '_DONOTEXPORT_' : '(x)' )


Other formulas can be used to modify character strings or to modify exported prices.

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