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Modifying the exported characters strings

You have the possibility to add one of this codes in the 'Modifications' column of your mapping to change the exported value (name, descriptions, etc):

  • Allows the decoding of html characters



  • Allows to delete html elements of the exported string, obtaining only plain text without any formatting



  • Changes the string to lower cases



  • Changes the string to upper cases



  • Allows to export a limited number of characters. Here between 0 and 5



  • Adds text in the exported field. (x) is replaced by the field value

  ='(x)'.' My text'


  • Adds the reference to the exported field

  ='(x)'.' '.(isset($product_attribute['reference'])?$product_attribute['reference']:$p->reference)


  • Replaces a chain of character https to http in the exported field



  • Replaces the dot (.) by a comma (,) in price fields



  • Export the values of 'Condition' field in French (exported in English by default)




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