How can you ensure that your online store is monitored as closely as possible to your needs?

Depending on your activity, your seasonality, your commercial policy or the type of your web customers, you need to manage your e-commerce site every day, with a flexible and adaptable back office.

Tools to visualize all your online activity

The characteristic of Store Commander, and what made it successful, is the ease of use of its interface. The navigation is extremely ergonomic: on a single screen, you can view all the categories on which you can intervene in real time.

In addition, the statistical tool, directly accessible from the Store Commander application, is very useful to display sales graphs over different time periods, by choosing to display by quantities sold or by turnover generated either a complete category or a selection of products. The e-merchant thus visualizes at a glance the increases or decreases and can thus adjust his commercial policy by product line: trigger promotions, check the display of certain items, etc.

Another very functional tool of Store Commander: the pivot table, which allows you to build a dynamic table very easily by configuring the data by line and column according to your needs.

Segment to sell better

Store Commander Segmentation addon allows you to create dynamic folders that address the different issues of a merchant site.

Examples: create an order segment with return of goods, lost packages, products without image, customer list, etc.

Thanks to these relevant segments, adapted to your activity, you can very easily identify areas of improvement on which you want to carry out targeted and adapted actions: increase in customer satisfaction, targeted e-mailing campaigns, etc.

Discover the Segmentation addon module

Easily set up sales and promotions

The animation of an e-commerce site often involves regular promotional campaigns. Anticipate these operations by setting your prices in advance thanks to the "special prices" function, accessible directly in the interface: enter the provisional date of your promotion, configure the prices and view the catalog of the products concerned on the chosen date. This allows you to control your margins and check that everything is in compliance.

Design the interface that suits you

It is an optional but very useful module: the grid editor offers extended possibilities to customize the interface according to your activity and needs. Store Commander then applies perfectly to your business.

For example, you can create views and grids with the choice of columns, customize the standard PrestaShop fields, duplicate a grid, manage your employees' permissions, etc.

Learn more about the Interface Customization addon

Pilot the controls

Directly from the Store Commander application, you can access the "order management" function to modify the status of an order, for example, and thus prepare the picking, or answer a customer in real time with the status of the orders in front of you.

Whether you are independent, manage several physical stores or a national network of stores, Store Commander makes your daily life easier.

Over the past 10 years, we have built trustworthy relationships with thousands of merchants convinced by the efficiency of our products and the responsiveness of our customer service.

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