Segmentation Module for PrestaShop:
How can you boost the profitability of your shop by improving targetting?

Make use of the power of dynamic segmentation to boost the performance of our PrestaShop store.

With Sc Segmentation integrated directly into Store Commander, you can sort your data with your own criteria, either manually, automatically or customized.

  • Customers according to their ordering habits
  • Products according to their popularity and related orders
  • Orders including associated events such as logistic related ones



A PrestaShop module strong in customer relation

The drag & drop function makes this PrestaShop Segmentation module really ergonomic. You can access all necessary information when dealing with a customer over the phone or via a chat system. As you can see on the video, some criteria can be set manually triggering automatically others, making your segmentation dynamic.
For example: select a product manually triggering related orders automatically and therefore the corresponding list of customers involved.

Once you combine different information, you can then evaluate the relevance of your customer relation:

  • Key moment to get in touch
  • Resolve some disputes, or even anticipate them
  • Set up targeted commercial offers
  • Plan customer follow up

Segmentation to better target your marketing actions

Create made to measure segments for your targeted webmarketing actions by scheduling manual, automatic or custom groups with marketing, product, customer or order information.

Various export formats will allow you to generate files compatible with your online marketing tools:

  • Marketing email to present emailings and newsletter (for example Mailchimp, Mailjet, Sendinblue, etc)
  • Online advertising, especially social ads (Facebook for instance to target contacts from a contact list).

You can then drive campaigns such as:

  • Sales of complementary products of those already orders (printing products for example)
  • Promotions on products of a specific brand
  • Follow up on products renewals

In the end, about 20 different segments would make your customer managment easier, faster and more efficient!


A marketing segmentation tool to put into every body's hands

Simple: this module does call any complicated SQL requests, which would require an intervention from a developer or a web agency

Fast: in just a few clicks, your manual or automated segments are created thanks to the well thoughout ergonomy

Complete within all the various research you might do on your product catalog, orders, customers and even with customer tickets

Sophisticated when it comes to the level of segmentation you can use by mixing segments between themselves, keeping the simplicity of use in order to run targeted marketing campaigns


Numerous segmentations are available and can be combined together

The list below is non-exhaustive: following customer feedback, we add new types of segments integrated in Store Commander monthly updates:

Customers according to number of orders
Customers according to ordered amount
Customers located in a particular state/country
Customers who ordered at least one product in segment...
Customers who ordered product of manufacturer...
Customers with order between 2 dates
Customer without order since X days
Group segments
Orders between 2 dates
Orders with customers in segment...
Orders with product from Advanced Pack
Orders with products in segment...
Orders with products of manufacturer...
Orders wiht products of supplier...
Orders with returned products in the last X months
Orders with status filter
Products (and/or combinations): manual expression search
Products: creating specific prices automatically
Products according to sold quantity
Product combinations without image
Product with a specific attribute value
Product with a specific feature value
Product with a specific manufacturer
Product with a specific supplier
Product with a specific tag
Product with an empty size
Products with duplicated references
Products without features
Products without images
Products: All products
Products: Product packs
Products: Advanced Pack Products
Products: Expression search
Products: Manual expression search
Tickets: Open tickets of employee X
Tickets: Open tickets without response since X days
Tickets: Expression search

You can create new segments that will group the results of other segments with the type 'Group segments', with 2 options:

Union: displays the results of multiple segments without duplicated entries

Intersection: displays the shared results of multiple segments

As an example, intersection of:

  • Orders between 2021-01-01 and 2021-01-31
  • Orders of products associated to the brand BRAND

The results will be all orders placed in January 2021 that will include at least one product associated to BRAND.
You can then run some analysis on your sales, extract the dorresponding customers for a marketing action, schedule necessary stock, etc.


If you have need any other type of segment, please don't hesitate to contact us!


Included in SOLO+, MULTISTORES+ and EXPERT plans.

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How to use the module?

The module is available from the Tools > Segmentation menu

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