Customization module for PrestaShop:
Customize your Store Commander interface


If you need to organize the interface of your Store Commander to manage your PrestaShop backoffice, nothing is more simple thanks to the Customization module!


Flexibility to customize your backoffice the way you want

You're the only one knowing what defines your business sector. To manage your PrestaShop CMS everyday, you probably need to display specific function according to your needs.

Store Commander designed a module to make your life easier, and to help you adapt the interface of your PrestaShop store: with Interface Customization, you'll be able to customize your Store Commander the way you want by modifying existing views and grids of the interface, and even create your own views!

To modify existing views is ever so simple: 1 column shows the availble grids, 1 column shows the contents of a grid, and a third column lists all available fields. With these 3 columns, you can set up - with a simple drag & drop - the grid matching your needs.


Advanced customization of your interface

Not only you can modify existing views and grids included in the customization tool, but you can also create your own views with columns you need.

There are other customization options such as:

  • Modify field names
  • Set the alignment of column titles
  • Choose the sorting value
  • Choose the filtering value

And this way, you'll have the perfect display to run your online business, your web pages, improved some management subjects, or obtain precise information quicker.



This Interface Customization module is included in all our Store Commander plans.


Customization PRO version for web agencies

The Customization module is also available in a PROP version, with more advanced functionalities, for web agencies who specialized in PrestaShop CMS. They can go further in the development of custom functionalities of their customer's backoffices.


Functionalities of Customization module for PrestaShop

The list of functionalities for both versions are listed in the comparative table below:


  Interface Customization Interface Customization Pro
Creating views and grids with the choice of any available columns
Customizing standard Prestashop fields: columns title and size, background color, alignment, sorting, filtering
Fast duplication of a grid and its configuration
Employes permissions management
Adding non standard Prestashop fields *should be present in DB and PS  
Managing data from other modules  
Creating a list of choices to enter data quickly  
Displaying automated calculations (nb of products sales in the last X months, number of customers, ....)  
CSV import / export custom fields management  
Adds color to cells according to the value  
 Technical documentation helping you to add fields faster  
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Included in all plans!

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How to use the module?

The module is available from the Tools > Interface customization menu

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