How to prepare your product catalogs for Marketplaces under PrestaShop?

Store Commander offers you solutions to configure your product catalogs to marketplaces (Amazon, Cdiscount...).

Organize your catalog for marketplaces

Once your account is created on the platform, the solution consists in setting up a gateway that will automate and synchronize the product catalogs of your e-commerce store with the marketplace.

Several synchronization solutions with marketplaces exist but beforehand, it is necessary to prepare your product catalog well:

A specific development: an IT service provider, such as a web agency, will develop a customized "in-house" script that will meet your needs on the day it is put online. However, it will then have to be maintained over time, in line with changing needs and changes in the marketplaces. This solution is expensive in development and then especially in maintenance, so it is not recommended, unless very important specificities make other catalog management solutions ineffective. However, it is possible to manage this information in bulk thanks to the Customization module of the interface.

A data export tool: Store Commander's advanced export tool is a good example of what an upstream developed and optimized solution can provide as a solution. It requires more configuration time to start with and then more flexibility, allowing you to have full control over the information transmitted to online sales platforms. The Customization module of the interface, for its part, allows you to add any type of field in Store Commander to transmit them to the marketplaces. For example, the famous 5 key points of the Amazon sheet can be directly managed in the Store Commander interface.

A flow aggregator: an e-commerce solution that centralizes your catalog on its own platform before "redispatching" the products on the different marketplaces. The implementation is fast while allowing you to use management rules. Unfortunately, this centralization implies a certain rigidity of the platform to manipulate your content before sending product sheets.

A specific PrestaShop module: Useful if the product catalog is offered on a limited number of marketplaces, it is installed in the backoffice of your online store. By accumulating the modules, the risk is to reduce the performance of the hosting server and thus reduce the download speed of the merchant site pages. To modify the mass configurations of the product sheets and save precious time, our development team has created customizable modules to manage the data of the official Amazon, Cdiscount, Feedbiz modules for PrestaShop.

Prepare your data for export: comply with the specificities of marketplaces

Each online sales platform has its own criteria for accepting products. The objective is to provide visitors with a consistent experience in the marketplace. This seems obvious as a buyer, but it's a different story as an e-merchant. The criteria are very precise and the tools set up by the platforms do not tolerate any deviation for indexation, how much even it would be invisible to the buyer. Whatever the connection used to reach the marketplace, the correction of the product catalog from your e-commerce CMS is an extremely time-consuming activity concerning:

  • the images,
  • product descriptions,
  • the characteristics,
  • the variations of the articles....
  • rates, etc.

Fortunately, the solution for PrestaShop to connect with online sales platforms developed by Store Commander saves a lot of time.

Whether you are independent, manage several physical stores or a national network of stores, Store Commander makes your daily life easier.

Over the past 10 years, we have built trustworthy relationships with thousands of merchants convinced by the efficiency of our products and the responsiveness of our customer service.

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