SC Managing products on in bulk!

You are exporting your products via the Market Place module by Common-Services, and you have lots of products to be configured?

Use SC to input the information in bulk on multiple products in just one step!

In a blink of an eye, you can identify whether products are part of your export thanks to the column added to Store Commander central views.

You can also update all required information on each product directly in Store Commander, using the dedicated panel, and of course taking advantage of all of Store Commander functionalities: multi-selection and copy/paste to work faster and more efficiently!

  • Identifying in a blink of an eye products exported onto


  • Managing all fields via a dedicated panel in Store Commander


  • Editing information on multiple products in the same grid


  • Updating data fast and in bulk with Store Commander copy/paste option


  • Displaying and managing products in all languages


...and soon available within Store Commander CSV Export and Import tools!
Stay tuned!


Prerequisites: Latest version of Store Commander & Market Place module

To get this addon, select your license key at the top of the page, click on 'Save' before 'Adding to Cart'. Once your order has been validated, you'll just need to apply an update within your Store Commander interface > Help > Update Store Commander. SC will then be enabled.

Updates: All future SC updates will be included in the support/update period on your Store Commander license, so no additional cost involved if this period is active.

Support: SC  does not modify the module whatsoever. It only updates the database of your PrestaShop store. Our support is available if any problems are encountered with our SC, but we do not provide technical assistance on the actual Cdiscount module.

Included or 99€

Optional in SOLO and MULTISTORES plans.

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How to order and install the module?

Required: Store Commander subscription and Market Place module

1- To order: In Sc interface > e-Services menu
2- To activate: In Sc interface > Help > Update

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