Interface Customization PRO:
Make your Store Commander even more sophisticated!


Rename views and columns according to your needs

Create your own views to suit your specific needs

Integrate additional non-native to PrestaShop fields to the interface, as well as the CSV import and export tools


Customize views and panels for an even finer tuning of your Store Commander

Interface Customization Pro, a Store Commander addon, is targeted at more experienced users with expertise in PHP/MySQL/Javascript.

This addon allows you to customize Store Commander's views and grids exactly the way you want. You can also rename views and columns according to your specific needs.

The Pro version allows to include additonal fields to Store Commander (interface, CSV import and export), that are not native to PrestaShop for an even finer tuning of your favourite app!

A classic version is also available.



What are the benefits?

Customize the interface to your industry or your customer’s business if you are an agency

Facilitate mass-update of specific information added to PrestaShop to meet your customers needs

Automate some actions (for instance when entering a products weight of >10Kg, 20€ will automatically added to the shipping costs)

Transform/validate information before entry in the database (use uppercases for the products reference)

Create your own change history


What are the fonctionalities?

The list of functionalities for both versions are listed in the comparative table below:


  Interface Customization Interface Customization Pro
Creating views and grids with the choice of any available columns
Customizing standard Prestashop fields: columns title and size, background color, alignment, sorting, filtering
Fast duplication of a grid and its configuration
Employes permissions management
Adding non standard Prestashop fields *should be present in DB and PS  
Managing data from other modules  
Creating a list of choices to enter data quickly  
Displaying automated calculations (nb of products sales in the last X months, number of customers, ....)  
CSV import / export custom fields management  
Adds color to cells according to the value  
 Technical documentation helping you to add fields faster  

Included in SOLO+, MULTISTORES+ and EXPERT plans.

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How to use the module?

The module is available from the Tools > Interface customization menu

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