Save hours by creating segments!

  • Segment for more targeted marketing actions
  • Manage customers queries and issues efficiently
  • Accelerate your global store management 



This add-on is complimentary to the time-saving application Store Commander and offers multiple advantages: 

  • Simple: this add-on does not call for any tricky SQL requests nor the intervention of your developer or web agency...
  • Fast: create manual or automatic segments in just a few clicks using a well-designed ergonomic interface
  • Comprehensive as regards searches you can perform in your catalog of products, orders, customers and customers support tickets
  • Sophisticated in terms of the level od segmentation you can operate by mixing segments whilst being very easy and fast to use in order to launch targeted marketing campaigns


Demontration and introduction video

Watch the introduction video!

  • You can try Segmentation on this page by creating a Live Demo. 
  • The add-on is accessible within Store Commander's interface, under the Tools menu.



  • Prestashop 1.4 to 1.6
  • All versions of Store Commander dating 2014-05-21 and above
  • SC Add-on version: 1.0



  • If you are already using Store Commander but is not located in /modules/storecommander/ you will need to apply a manual update. Instructions can be found on this article.
  • To use this add-on, the minimum Store Commander version required is dated 2014-05-21 and after, version number which is indicated at the bottom-left of Store Commander’s interface.
  • If your support period is still active, simply run the update from Store Commander’s interface > Help > Update Store Commander to be able to install the Segmentation add-on you purchased. 



  • Install this add-on as a classic Prestashop module, from Modules menu in your backoffice.




Technical support

  • This SC add-on will be updated according to cybermerchants’ needs and Prestashop’s future releases. Technical support is provided by Store Commander by email for the duration of your valid period of support and updates of Store Commander.