SC Segmentation Addon: Save hours by creating segments!

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Segment for better targeted marketing actions

Manage customers queries and issues efficiently

Accelerate your global store management



Simple: this addon does call any complicated SQL requests, which would require an intervention from a developer or a web agency

Fast: in just a few clicks, your manual or automated segments are created thanks to the well thoughout ergonomy

Complete within all the various research you might do on your product catalog, orders, customers and even with customer tickets

Sophisticated when it comes to the level of segmentation you can use by mixing segments between themselves, keeping the simplicity of use in order to run targeted marketing campaigns


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All our PrestaShop modules are present on the virtual demo shop, Store Commander included.

Segmentation module is accessible from the Marketing menu in Store Commander interface.


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Addon version



PrestaShop 1.1 à 1.7.x


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