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Changing order status by products

You can easily change the order status in the Sc Order interface - individually or in bulk - in the various views in the central column, except in the Picking view.

A status belongs to an order, and can therefore only be modified on the line of an order.
However, the Picking view shows order details, meaning product information, and therefore this view will display a line per product and not a line per order. In this instance, order status cannot be modified.

If you are using our Interface Customization addon, you might have modified existing views, or even created your own views, and order status change does not work either, and this would be because product information is included.

As soon as the field 'id_order_details' is present in a view, then order status cannot be modified. And this can be annoying if you need to change order status according to products.

But there is a solution thanks to our Sc Segmentation addon!

You can create 2 segments:

- One segment "Products" (displayed in the Catalog interface) into which you can add the products you need
- One automatic segment "Orders" that will then displays the orders associated to the products of the previous 'Products' segment.

You will then have the corresponding orders in the Light view of the Orders interface (or any other view that does not include 'id_order_details') and you'll be able to change statuses.

Note that the "Products' segments can be a manual segment : you drag/drop products into it, or an automatic segment : according to a criteria you'll configure in the Segmentation interface.