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Order Export Pro - FAQs

Q: Is the installation of the Order Export Pro module easy?

A : Yes, once you have applied an update in Store Commander interface, the Order Export Pro installaion file will be added to your PrestaShop backoffice. You can then click the 'install' button, and the module will be accessible in the Orders menu in your backoffice.

Q: Is there a demo of this module?

A: You can indeed test the module by creating a demo of a virtual shop from this page. The module is accessible in PrestaShop Orders menu.

Q: How does the module cost?

A: Order Export Pro is included in our Solo+, MultiStore+ and Expert plans.

Q: I already have Order Export Pro, can I get the latest updates?

A: Updates are available and applicable when you apply an update in your Store Commander module. Please do get in touch with our support team to get more information on this procedure.

Q: Do I get support on this module?

A: Yes of course, contact our support team using the contact form.

Q: Who has access to the module?

A: By default, only PrestaShop administrators can access the module. However, you can set permissions on each employee in your PrestaShop backoffice, for them to have access to the module.