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Order Export Pro - FAQs

Q: Is the installation of the Order Export Pro tool easy?

A: There is no installation required. Order Export Pro is included in the interface of Store Commander. If you have a Solo+ or MultiStore+ plan, the tool is accessible from the Orders menu > CSV Export. If you just changed your subscription plan, you might need to update your Sc, via Help > Update Store Commander menu.

Q: Is there a demo of this module?

A: You can indeed test the module by creating a demo of a virtual shop from this page. Open the tool via the Orders menu of Store Commander interface.

Q: How does the module cost?

A: Order Export Pro is included in our Solo+, MultiStore+ and Expert

Q: Do I get support on this module?

A: Yes of course, contact our support team using the contact form.

Q: Who has access to the module?

A: By default, only PrestaShop administrators can access the module. However, you can set permissions on each employee in Sc user permissions that you can find under Tools > Security > User Permissions in your Sc interface.