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Image file compression

Store Commander offers a tool to reduce the weight of product images of your shop to its maximum, to improve the loading time of pages for your visitors, as well as boosting your SEO and even reducing the carbon footprint.

Its Advantages

- Very simple to use: all automatic, enabled in 1 click
- +70% benefit gained
- Visual quality to its best
- Adapted for very bug catalogs
- Your SEO improved: Google robots will have more time to index more pages of your site
- Site pages upload time improved for your visitors, which is even more obvious on mobile phones
- Electric and network resources usage reduced, that better for the planet
- Backup sizes reduced, no need to get an oversize hosting plan
- Image properties safe: they're deleted off our servers after 30 minutes maximum
- Catalog data integrity safe: this is not a CDN technology that would make you loose control of your own data

How does it work? 3 step process:
  • Step 1: image analysis: no images are modified. Statistics will inform you on potential benefits. We'll use these stats to tune the best compression method to apply
  • Step 2: 5 images test: compression results displayed on 5 test image files. No files on your shop are modified at this point
  • Step 3: image compression:
    Image files compression going live: part of your files are compressed every day.
    Every Tuesday morning, a new analysis of your image files will run automatically to update the list of files to compress.

Step One: the analysis

Once the analysis has started, Store Commander will list images stored on your shop to create a single repository.
Statistics based on this repository will be displayed, together with the progress of number of compressed images and the benefits gained.
The analysis will take just a few minutes.

Step Two: test on 5 images

Store Commander will compress 5 image files corresponding to your best sellers. Products are not modified: test images are stored in a temporary folder on your shop /img/tmp/
This test allows you to check the visual quality of images with the comparison tool: move your cursor vertically to easily compare the original image with the reduce one. You can't see the difference? That's normal :)

Step Three: the compression

Once you have activated image compression, nothing will happen! And that's normal too.

Store Commander will start compressing image files starting by the most important/relevant every night, avoiding the use of the server resources, which could impact your visitors whilst browsing your site.

Obsolete files corresponding to old formats used by PrestaShop will be automatically deleted, freeing some space. As a technical example: 'small' image format has been replaced by 'small_default' format in the latest PrestaShop versions, and therefore 'small' has become obsolete.

Some frequently asked questions

What potential benefit rate would I get?

Around 70% gained on image file weight.
Meaning about 60% gained on product page weight.
Meaning about 50% gained on loading time.
And you'll get a better scoring in performance tests.

How much does it cost?

The service is offered for your first 20 000 compressed image files. So, if you have less than 2 000 products on your shop, it's totally free for you.
Although the service is offered, it still has a cost (dedicated servers rentals, developements, etc) which stops up from offering it to all our customers shops (some use over a million images!)/

If your shop has more than 20 000 image files to compress, you will then be bale to purchase additional credits to complte the first 20 000 offered.

How long does the compression last?

20.000 reduced images files will be done on your shop withn 2 months. A small part of your catalog being compressed every day to avoid your server to be overloaded and slowing down. You'll gain better performances within the first days  because Store Commander will pick up the biggest files first (theme, betseller products, etc).


Providing you with this tool is also to reduce the carbon footprint. We'll soon be displaying the volume of data compressed, and we're hoping to find a way to calculate the gain on the CO2 unused (if you know a formula, please do let us know!)

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