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Image file compression

What's the purpose of this tool?

Compress the weight of images on your shop to its maximum and keep a flawless quality at the same time without slowing your server down.

Its Advantages

- All automatic, enabled in 1 click
- Your SEO improved
- Site page loading time improved for your visitors
- Electric and network resources usage reduced
- Backup sizes reduced

How does it work?

3 step process:

  • image analysis: no images are modified. Statistics will inform you on potential benefits. We'll use these stats to tune the best compression method to apply
  • 5 images test: Store Commander compress 5 images (no modification of your products)
  • image compression: available for Multistores+ and Expert plans
Step One: the analysis

Once the analysis has started, Store Commander will list of images stored on your shop to create a single repository.
Statistics based on this repository will be displayed together with the progress of number of compressed images and the benefits gained.


Step Two: compression test

Store Commander will start compressing 5 image files and allow you to compare the difference between the image source and the compressed version. You don't see a difference? Normal :)


Step Three: the compression - available soon in Store Commander

Once you have activated image compression, nothing will happen! And that's normal.

Store Commander will start compressing image files starting by the most important/relevant every night, avoiding the use of the server resources, which could impact your visitors whilst browsing your site.

EXIF information of the images are deleted. (contact us if you wish to keep them)

You'll also be able to delete obsolete files corresponding to old formats no longer used by PrestaShp (for example: product image format 'small' that has been renamed to 'small_default' in the last two Ps versions).

What potential benefit rate would I get?

  • Around 70%

By returning to this window the following week, you will see a progression and a gain in performance.