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Q&A - Subscriptions

Which plan do I need to manage my shop with Store Commander?

You can subscribe to the START or SOLO plan, or SOLO+ if you wish to boost your sales even more.

I have multiple and indepedant shops, do I need to subscribe to multiple Solo plans?

No, if you own multiple shops, you can choose the MultiStore or MultiStore+ plan. If one of your shops is set to multistore mode, you can manage the product data sharing in a single Store Commander interface.

Can I change my plan anytime?

Yes of course :) Log onto your account to use the 'Change your plan' option of your Subscription page. Select the options to suit your needs, validate and that's done. Your license key remains the same. More detailed information on this article.

If I upgrade my plan, would my Sc interface refresh automatically?

Your license remains the same, and you only need to apply an update within your Sc interface via Help > Update Store Commander.

I'm a freelance/agency. Can I subscribe to a MultiStore plan to install Sc on my customers' shops?

The Terms & Conditions indicate that a company cannot use a MultiStore plan to manage e-commerce sites the person does not own. For example, agencies or freelances cannot use the same license on various customers' shops.

Which payment methods can I use?

All our plans use a credit card or SEPA with the secured payment system Stripe.

Are displayed prices excluding or including tax?

Prices are excluding tax.

Can I change my current plan from yearly to monthly?

You can switch from yearly to monthly on your anniversary date only. More detailed information on this article.

What should I do if I come across a problem with my subscription?

Please do contact our support team using this form, or via the instant messaging (red bubble at the bottom right of your screen).

Why is my license key requested when I try to open Store Commander?

Your license is associated to the url of your PrestaShop backoffice. If the url your are connected to is different, or if your server IP changed, then your license key needs to be reset, to then be validated on the new url/ip.

Can I stop my subscription?

Yes, our subscription plans are engagement free, and you can stop your plan whenever you want. Your access to Store Commander will automatically disabled at the anniversary date of your current plan. You will be able to activate your plan later on in just a second via your customer account.

Don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll reply shortly.