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CSV Customer Import: Managing customers in bulk by CSV import

Store Commander's interface includes a CSV import tool dedicated to the Customers database, allowing you to add and/or modify your customers data in bulk.

The Customer CSV import tool is accessible from Customers > CSV Import.


The CSV file

The formatting of your CSV file is a crucial step in the import process.
The first line of the file is kept for column headers.
Then, a line represents a customer and his/her properties, such as title, first name, last name, address, company, customer group, etc.
The column headers will be used to match the database fields (see mapping section below).


The mapping

Once your CSV file is loaded in the CSV import window and is selected, the column headers are automatically displayed in the column 'File field'.

You now need to select the database fields corresponding to the column titles.
In the 'Database field' column, double click each line to make your selection in the drop down list.


 The mapping configured, give it a name and save it.



Identification options

Now, you need to select the identifier and the action for Store Commander to take during the import process.

These two options are called 'Customers identified by' & 'If a customers with the same identifier is found in the database'.

  • If you are creating customers and/or addresses:

The identifier must be the email and the action will be 'modify and create customers/addresses'


  • If you are modifying customers and/or addresses

Choose the identifier from the drop-down menu and the action will be 'modify customers/addresses'




The mapping is configured, the identification options are selected, you are now ready to import. Click on the Start import icon


Pleas note that if your CSV file is rather large in size, it is recommended to use the auto-import option clock.png