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Categories CSV Export

With Store Commander's CSV Export tool dedicated to Categories, you will be able to pull out category information onto a CSV file. The main purpose being updating/modifying the exported data in bulk using the CSV import tool dedicated to categories.

The CSV export for categories is accessible from Catalog > Categories > CSV Export.




By default, the export window display the list of all your categories, by ID order, in all languages, and for all shops if you work in multistore mode.



You can then click on the Quick Export icon  on the toolbar to paste the data displayed in the grid onto a spreadsheet (Excel/OpenOffice/LibreOffice/etc.).

For a customized export, a few options are available:

  • You can hide columns you do not want to export, by unticking them in the list displayed after a right click on the column headers.
  • You can move columns by a simple drag/drop to set the order you want the columns to be displayed in the CSV file.
  • You can filter the data by column if you wish to export only categories associated to a specific customer groups for example, or all active categories, etc.


Coupled with the CSV import tool dedicated to categories, you are gonna be able to update images, descriptions and optimize SEO for your categories.

You will find all necessary information on the CSV Import tool dedicated to categories in this article.


Note: If multiple languages are displayed but you are not using them all, you can disable the display of these languages from Tools > Settings > Catalog > Interface > Display all languages = 0


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