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Exporting the entire catalog in the blink of an eye

You would like to export your entire catalog quickly without overloading your server?

With Store Commander's powerful auto-export tool, you are going to be able to export your catalog in the blink of an eye. Let's see how it works.

Here's how in this video:


From the CSV export window, create an export script by clicking on the  icon and give it a name.



Let's move onto the mapping configuration: fields that will be included in the exported file.

Instead of manually includ all existing fields, use the 'load all fields' icon on the toolbar. All fields in all languages will then be automatically added to the mapping.


Now name and save the mapping


Let's move onto the Categories panel

Ticking 'Home', all categories and sub-categories are automatically selected at the same time.

Just like the mapping, we need to name and save this category configuration


Now to finalize the configuration, we need to select the information we have just configured in the top panel, across the script name created on step 1.


- the mapping name,

- the categories name,

- give a name to the exported file without forgetting the file extension (.csv),

- tick the options you wish to include in this export file. Here we will select everything.


We are now ready to export!

Whether you are on a dedicated or shared server, the server's resources will be impacted during the export process, especially considering the large number of products, and whether they include combinations, features, images, etc.

To ensure a seamless export, we have designed a powerful auto-export tool in this panel.

The auto-export allows you to export by batches within a specific time interval. In the below example, we will export 30 lines every 60 seconds.

You'll need to adjust these values according to your server's resources.

And finally you can click on the 'Start icon'


You can then follow the process in the panel.


If you are certain that your server is really performant and that the auto-export will not be necessary, then click on the Start icon



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