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Managing 'Location' in Store Commander

You can manage product/combination location in warehouses with Store Commander, depending on the PrestaShop version you are using as well as the Advanced Stock Mode set on products.

The location is linked to the Advanced Stock Management available from PrestaShop version 1.5 onward, although Store Commander has kept the 'old' location field for previous PrestaShop and when the Advanced Stock Management is not used.

Location is available in the interface as well as the CSV import in Store Commander.


The interface

For PrestaShop version <1.5, or if you do not use the Advanced Stock Management functionality, you will find the field called 'Location (old)' in both Large and Reference views in Store Commander, as well as in the Combinations panel.

This 'Location (old)' field remains available in PrestaShop version >1.5 that you can use when the Advanced Stock Management is not enabled.


For PrestaShop versions 1.5 and onwards, you can enable the Advanced Stock Management, and you will then have a new 'Location' field associated to a warehouses. You will find the field in the Warehouses panel of the Properties column.

There is also a Warehouse grid within the Combinations panel.


CSV import

To specify the location on produts/combinations using the CSV Import, your CSV file will include a column 'location' indicating the location in the warehouse.

When configuring the mapping, you will need to use the field called 'location', and associate the corresponding warehouse by choosing its name in the Options column in the mapping.

If no warehouse is used, select 'no warehouse'.



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