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Creating and mass-associating new products to a warehouse

With Store Commander's CSV import tool, you are going to feed 4 birds with just one seed!

Indeed, you will be able to :

 create your products in bulk

 enable the advanced stocks mode for these products

 associate them to your warehouses

 and finally add their location in the warehouses

And all of the above in a single import process!

Your CSV file will include all necessary information to create your products - the screenshot below includes only the fields related to this article.

 Name: Name of product

 Reference: Product Reference

 Wholesale Price: This field is required when adding quantities to warehouses when the advanced stock mode is enabled

 Advanced Stocks: Enable = 1 (please refer to this article for more information

 Quantity - Warehouse: For an easier identification, add the name of the warehouse in this column

 Location - WarehouseFor an easier identification, add the name of the warehouse in this column




The corresponding mapping will be



In this instance, to create new products, the identification options will be



Once the import is completed, your products will be created, the advanced stocks management mode will be enabled and the products will be associated to the warehouses specified in the CSV file. Quantities and locations will also be added to the warehouses specified in the CSV file.


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