A PrestaShop module to create your own PDF catalogs in just a few clicks!

You can insert a download link on the Home page of your website for your customers to download product catalogus in PDF format. Whatever you business sector and product categories, you can create sale material to make it easy to ready to boost your sales.


Create your PDF catalogs in 2 minutes

Store Commander PDF Catalog for PrestaShop module is made for you to create PDF catalogs downloadable directly by your customers. You can also create lists of products to run an inventory, or faciliate the logistics and therefore make it easy to manage your shop.
You can also generate catalogs in various languages.

PDF Catalog PrestaShop module is very useful to create catalogs with discount prices targeted at your loyal customers for example, or at you resellers or even to separate products for B2B or B2C segments.

With this module, you can add a block on the home page of your shop. Visitors and customers will be able to download catalogs in a click.


Customize your online products catalogs very easily

Store Commander PDF Catalog module includes various functionalities to make management easy.

  • 14 available formats including multiple options
  • PrestaShop 1.5 > 1.7 compatible
  • Product combinations displayed in summarized table (list format)
  • Multi-languages and multi-currencies
  • Customizable block on the site

You also have the possibility to customize the cover page by adding specific informations in the corresponding sections, or even configure a preset file (template) to use a customize cover page.

You can then insert a content table, create a catalog for a specific customer group with various features, choose the image format and the font for the text, insert an additional column with or without a tile, insert links, buttons, tabs, etc.

Once the configuration is set, you have the possibility to set up a CRON task to generate your PDF files without having to start the configuration again. You can then create catalogs automatically, multiple times a week or per month, whenever you need to.

The PDF Catalog module for PrestaShop is available in our SOLO+, MULTISTORE+ and EXPERT plans.


Functionalities included in the module

  • 14 ready-to-use formats to display the "On Sale' logo as well as the UPC code
  • Creates an optional cover page with HTML content
  • Possibility to create a table of contents displayed as a real tree structure
  • Footer customization with HTML content
  • Displays the page numbers
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-currencies
  • Displays prices incl. or excl. VAT or no price
  • Manages reductions for client groups (create your catalogs with public and professional prices)
  • Creates a customizable block that allows your visitors to download your catalogs
  • Possibility to add a customizable for each catalog
  • Possibility to choose the image format (quality management)
  • Possibility to choose the font used in the catalog
  • Choice of which categories to include in the catalog - create your themed catalogs!
  • Creation of a backup system to save catalog options and allow you to find your catalog configurations
  • Possibility to display either EAN13 bar codes or UPC bar codes (from PrestaShop 1.4)
  • Catalog size is only limited by your web servers hosting capabilities
  • UTF-8 Encoding
  • Creates a table of contents with a link to associated categories pages
  • Choice of order in which the products will be displayed (position)
  • Creates a cover page to introduce categories with name/name+descriptions/tpl file
  • Creates html format descriptions with images
  • Product combinations are displayed in a summary table
  • Listings format: column headers are displayed on each page
  • Possibility to indicate the PDF file parameters (title, author, creator,...)
  • Filter by manufacturer/brand
  • Display an empty column on listing formats
  • Use only available products
  • Run a CRON task to generate your catalog everyday
  • Compatible with PrestaShop 1.5 to 1.7
  • Uses a .tpl file for your catalog's cover page
  • Option allowing you to use a full image on your cover page
  • Choose the separator for thousands and decimals, display the currency and decimals
  • Download the PDF documentation to help you create and customize your catalog


Examples of the various formats available


Customizing your PDF catalogs

Possibility to create a table of contents displayed a a real tree structure

Since each PrestaShop store has a unique structure and product display system, we offer to customize your catalog and create new formats adapted to your own products: Please contact us for a quote.


Included or 99€

Optional in SOLO and MULTISTORES plans.

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How to order and install the module?

Required: Store Commander subscription

1- To order: Sc interface > e-Services menu
2- To activate: Sc interface > Help > Update
3- To install: Ps backoffice > Modules > Install

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