Create your PDF catalogs in just a few click!



  • Access 14 ready-to-use formats
  • Perform your inventories in a blink of an eye
  • Allow your visitors to download your catalogs in PDF format
  • Create themed catalogs



Introduction video and module demo

Discover the module in our videos!



  • You can create a demonstration of our PDF Catalog module on this page, selecting 'Live Demo'.
  • The virtual store is created with all our Prestashop modules as well as our all-in-one application Store Commander.
  • The PDF Catalog is available under the Modules menu.



PDF Catalog Samples

All examples below have been generated using this module. Please click on the link to view each example.




It allows you to create PDF catalogs in just one minute.

  • 14 ready-to-use formats to display the "On Sale' logo as well as the UPC code
  • Creates an optional cover page with HTML content
  • Possibility to create a table of contents displayed a a real tree structure
  • Footer customization with HTML content
  • Displays the page numbers
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-currencies
  • Displays prices incl. or excl. VAT or no price
  • Manages reductions for clients groups (create your catalogs with public and professional prices)
  • Creates a customizable block that allows your visitors to download your catalogs
  • Choice of adding a customizable logo for each catalog
  • Possibility to choose the image format (quality management)
  • Possibility to choose th fonts to use in the catalog
  • Choice of which categories to include in the catalog - create your themed catalogs!
  • Creation of a backup system to save catalog options and allow you to find your catalog configurations
  • Possibility to display either EAN13 bar codes or UPC bar codes (from Prestashop 1.4)
  • Catalog’s size only limited by your web server hosting capabilities
  • UTF-8 Encoding 
  • Creates a table of contents with a link to associated categories’ pages
  • Choice of the order in which products will be displayed (position)
  • Creates a cover page to introduce categories with name/name+descriptions/tpl file
  • Creates html format descriptions with images
  • Products’ combinations are displayed in a summary table
  • Listings format: columns’ headers on each page are being displayed
  • Possibility to indicate the PDF file parameters (title, author, creator,...)
  • Filter by manufacturer/brand
  • Display an empty column on listing formats
  • Use only available products
  • Run a CRON task to generate your catalog everyday
  • Compatible with Prestashop 1.1 to 1.6.x 
  • Uses a .tpl file for your catalog's cover page
  • Option allowing you to use a full image on your cover page
  • Choose the separator for thousands and decimals, display the currency and decimals
  • Download the PDF documentation to help you create and customize your catalog



  • Upon payment received, you can download the zip file which contains the module and add to the /modules/ folder of your store via FTP.
  • You will then go to Prestashop Backoffice > Modules to select 'Install' under PDF Catalog.
  • The module is then accessible from Modules menu 
  • Files copying or core changes are no longer necessary.



PrestaShop 1.1 to 1.6.x



Since each store has a unique structure and product display system, we offer a to customize your catalog and create new formats adapted to your own products: Please contact us for a quote.


Technical support

To contact our support team, please use or contact form.

This module will be updated according to cybermerchants’ needs and Prestashop’s future releases. 

Modules FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions about Modules
Yes, the PDF Catalog module displays the list of the products features in format '1 product per page'. There is no room in other formats.
Yes, you can select any products and create hidden categories to setup sections of your catalog. The creation process of hidden categories is even easier if you also use our application Store Commander for Prestashop. The PDF Catalog module also allows you to create your catalogs using a entire category for themed catalogs for instance.
Yes, products/combinations prices displayed in the catalog take discounts into account.
Yes, the information is included in a php file which is open source. You can therefore add/remove fields if you wish. In the next version of the module, you will be able to modify sections from tpl files.
Available formats including images will only use the products/combinations default image.
Yes, the module includes an option allowing you to choose whether to display inactive products or not in your catalogs.