More services to make your online sales successful

The Store Commander application interface has been enhanced with new features, directly accessible from your Sc interface: e-Services. They complete our e-commerce offer and aim to make your life easier, again and again!

Accessing validated e-commerce providers

You are in your PrestaShop backoffice and you detect a problem in your management: a photo that does not upload, a product sheet that is not properly referenced, a missing translation, etc. Without leaving the work interface, you can now access services specifically configured for online merchants with a single click.

How does it work?

From your Store Commander interface, you can buy Fizz. Fizz is the currency of Store Commander. You buy a pack of Fizz, without leaving your application. These Fizz will be decremented as you use the corresponding services.
The Fizz value is close to the Euro. It depends on the quantity of Fizz purchased.
For example, you can cut out a product image for 0.20 Fizz.
By buying a pack of 100 Fizz, you can cut out/trim 500 images at turbo speed!
You can purchase Fizz directly from the Store Commander interface, e-Services menu > List of e-Services, Services section.
You then access a list of e-services, constantly updated and designed to meet the daily needs of merchants:

  • Taking pictures
  • Photo trimming
  • SEO
  • Translation
  • Writing content
  • Community management, etc.

Each service provider has been selected and validated by Store Commander. It is for you the assurance of accessing a quality service, at the best price, without having to export your data since all these solutions are embedded in the application.

Examples of e-Services for e-commerce

Photo trimming
New tool in Store Commander: the easy and fast clipping of photos directly on your product sheets.
Normal process: we process the photos to a clipping software, then we have to reintegrate them in the shop in the right place: tedious!
With the new Store Commander tool, you just have to draw 2 lines on the image and hop! The image is cropped with real-time rendering thanks to a sophisticated calculation performed on a remote server.
1 click and the image is updated on the product sheet: a huge time saving!

Whether you are independent, manage several physical stores or a national network of stores, Store Commander makes your daily life easier.

Over the past 10 years, we have built trustworthy relationships with thousands of merchants convinced by the efficiency of our products and the responsiveness of our customer service.

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