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Updates 2020

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Update to fix Sc installed on PrestaShop using php 5.4





  • A Notepad has been introduced to the bottom toolbar of your Sc interface, so you can take notes when working in Sc



  • Sc Permissions: the order creation interface is now available in Sc user permissions
  • Sc Permissions: the action to modify addresses in the order creation interface is now available in Sc user permissions
  • Sc Permissions: the update stock by barcodes interface is now available in Sc user permissions
  • Product Packs (Ps native functionality) can now be managed in Sc - more information on this article.
  • The additional Description panel used for translation is refreshed automatically when selecting another product
  • Products present in Sc Recycle Bin will be deteted if and only if Sc Recycle Bin is the product default category

Catalog CSV Import

  • Product Packs (Ps native functionality) can be created using Sc CSV import tool - more information on this article
  • A new option has been added to Sc Settings to decide on the method to apply wholesale prices on products using combinations via Sc CSV import

Category CSV Import

  • The search field is now present in the category CSV window


  • Order creation: Wholesale Price and Margin now added to the Cart panel
  • Order creation: Private Notes displayed in the Customer information panel
  • Order creation: It's now possible to quickly create a customer account within the interface
  • Order creation: product names are on a gray background if the products are disabled (same color code as the Catalog interface)

Customer Service

  • A new field added 'Cc recipients' allowing you to send a message to multiple persons



  • Customer panel (Properties): the column titles are correctly exporting when using the Quick Export option

Catalog CSV Import

  • Fix applied on tax rules used on specific countries - MultiStore mode

Catalog CSV Export

  • Fix applied on feature groups displayed in the export mapping - MultiStore mode




Following the PrestaShop announcement on the security breach, we have integrated a control to check the vulnerability of your Ps store - more detailed information on this article.