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Updates 2012

Store Commander - 2012 updates history



  • CSV Import: new database field added ‘Action: delete specific prices’
  • CSV Export: fixed issue: an alert will popup if the language field for ‘categories’ & ‘default categorie’ is not completed
  • Fixed display issue: ‘Select All’ icon correctly displays the number of selected products in the Products panel
  • Fixed CSV file download path from the import window in Store Commander ‘module’ version
  • Fixed issue with saving description changes on attachments
  • Fixed compatibility issue with license management with hosting provider Infomaniak
  • Modification: add customized field icon creates a customized field for each of the selected product
  • Modification: the ‘Quick Export’ icon on Products & combinations toolbars now displays a window with the data to then copy/paste in Excel. Available on all internet browsers.
  • Added compatibility with Presta-Module ‘PM Cache Manager’ (to be downloaded here



  • CSV Import: adding a new product in a newly created category works using the option 'create new products' (was only possible using 'modify and create products' previoulsy)
  • CSV Import: Setting ‘save image filename in database’ is set to 1 by default (your settings are not modified)
  • CSV Import: Modification in the way CSV files are loaded to fix some issues encountered by some customers
  • CSV Import: new database field ‘delete attachments’ added which removes the link between the product and the document
  • CSV Import: new database fields added for specific prices (import your prices for client groups ‘pro’ or others)
  • CSV Import: new database fields for personalized fields allowing creation of these fields in bulk
  • CSV Export: Field ‘link_to_cover_image’ exports the link of the combination image when the combination is exported
  • CSV Export: Fixed issue related to a separator added incorrectly
  • CSV Export: new option added to the Categories popup menu to ‘disable recursive selection’ to automatically select or not the sub-categories
  • CSV Export: Mapping section is automatically refreshed when we select another script
  • Improvement of option Catalog > Tools > Check and fix language fields of products for all languages which also fixes images’s field ‘legend’
  • Improvement: The sorting option is now available for Categories ID in the Properties panel
  • php memory limit value should be set with one of the following: '16M','32M','64M','128M','256M','512M','1G'
  • Fixed compatibility issues with requests to Prestashop version
  • Fixed display issue for column ‘created date’
  • Fixed blank page issue on Prestashop version
  • Fixed: when fields ‘manufacturer’, ‘supplier’ or ‘tax rule’ are empty (due to an external script, unusual situation), the products are displayed correctly
  • Modification in the script used to upload texture attributes
  • New option: ‘Customization fields’ added to the Properties panel, used to manage additional information required on product pages
  • New settings option ‘Alert’ > “export: field separator = value separator” to disable the alert message
  • New setting option ‘Interface’ > “colors of margin cells” to modify the color of the Margin cell according to its value - see documentation
  • New display: number of filtered or selected products displayed in the status bar of the Products column



  • Version 100% compatible with Prestashop version 1.4.9
  • Settings: new option ‘php memory limit’ - fixes memory used by php (via uni_set). Useful for large catalogs requesting lots of resources
  • CSV Import: fixed issue with detecting end of line containing MAC characters
  • CSV Import: adding a new product in a newly created category works using the option 'create new products' (was only possible using 'modify and create products' previoulsy)
  • Fixed ‘incorrect cell type’ error’ on Products panel
  • Fixed calculation of categories level_depth field for shops using over 10 levels
  • Fixed issue on duplication of features: custom values are not duplicated as fixed features



  • Combinations: fixed bug when adding new combination, selecting attributes and then another field without refreshing the grid in between
  • Features: fixed bug whereby new features could not be validated after entering the new feature’s name
  • CSV Export: fixed category export in requested language
  • CSV Export: improvement : options (languages, etc) are added at the end of each column header (1st line contents)
  • CSV Import: fixed import of ‘unit price’
  • CSV Import: new field added ‘category’
  • Columns ‘Suppliers/Manufacturers’: sorting done alphabetically by name of suppliers/manufacturers
  • Filter options: use of numerical operators possible in filter option in ID column for products and combinations grids



  • CSV Import: new database fields added: categories (full path), length, height, depth, unit, unit_price, unit_price_impact, feature (custom), documents (used to link existing attachments on the online shop to the product: ‘reference;file1.pdf,file2.gif’)
  • CSV Import:  the option ‘Replace product properties’ becomes ‘Modify and create products’ (previous behaviour) and ‘Modify products’ will not do anything if the product is not found in the database.
  • CSV Import: samples files added (Tools | Installation | Create files example for CSV import)
  • CSV Import: database fields imageURL1 to imageURL10 are now called imageURL (previous names remain compatible with your old mappings)
  • CSV Import/Export: naming convention for mappings and category selections is now more flexible.
  • CSV Import: new csv sample files available
  • CSV Export: fixed name of categories for PrestaShop versions pre 1.2
  • CSV Export: If the option ‘First line content’ is not populated, Store Commander will use the name of the database fields used in the mapping as column titles. If column headers are not to be exported, enter ‘-’ in ‘First line content’ field.
  • Discounts View: calendar has been added
  • Improvement on discount dates setup for unlimited promotion periods
  • Attributes & Groups: new option to merge attributes
  • Features, Attributes & Groups: new ‘Used’ column added showing how many products use each component.
  • Improvement on displaying images (no blank spaces)
  • Improvement on cookies backup related to grid display preferences
  • Minor bug fixed not allowing modification of a product when product had been previously dragged/dropped into the new category



  • CSV Export: general improvement of the CSV import window
  • CSV Export: new fields available: ‘condition’, ‘date add’, ‘date update’, ‘depth’, ‘height’, ‘width’, minimum quantity’, ‘online only’, ‘show price’, ‘unit’, ‘unit price’,‘price impact of combination’ & ‘weight impact of combination’
  • CSV Import: new fields available: ‘available for order’, ‘show price’, online only’, ‘condition’, ‘UPC’
  • CSV Import: if the feature value used for a product is “-“, Store Commander will remove this feature for the concerned product.
  • CSV Import: Changes in VAT import - Store Commander now fetches tax rules containing terms added to the CSV file in French format (19,6) as well as its US/UK equivalent (19.6)
  • Settings: new option: Import | default status of created categories
  • Pop-up Menu: new option: ‘Sort’ to allow you to sort the categories in alphabetical order. This order is not registered in the database or in your e-store. This option disables both ‘expand/collapse’ options. Click on the ‘Refresh’ button to go back to the normal display.
  • Catalog Menu | Tools: new option: ‘Set product prices to their default combination prices’
  • Fixed display problem in tags panel when the store does not contain tags.
  • Fixed import problem on special prices on products created from the same line in the CSV file.
  • Fixed problem with assigning a product to a category: a product created using the CSV import tool is now correctly assigned to a level 1 category when this category is also created with the CSV import tool.
  • Improvement on the SC Recycle Bin management.
  • Improvement in the CSV Export window: categories can now be selected easily.
  • Improvement: you can now display/hide columns in ‘Specific prices’ and ‘Attributes and groups’ windows.
  • Improvement: Settings - an alert will pop up if Store Commander needs to be restarted after changes made.
  • Prestashop 1.4.8 compatibility (no changes to SC required)




-CSV Import: new field date_add (product creation date. Format: 0000-00-00 00:00:00)
-CSV Import: new field date_upd (product modification date. The import action date is used by default. Format: 0000-00-00 00:00:00)
-CSV Import: new action DeleteImages (use it to delete images before inserting new images. If the value is other than empty, the images will be deleted)
-CSV Import: new action DeleteTags (use it to delete tags before inserting/associating new tags. If the value is other than empty, the tag associations will be deleted)
-CSV Export: new fields id_supplier, id_manufacturer
-CSV Export: new script option "Export disabled products"
-CSV Export: new field link_to_imageXX allows you to export secondary images
-Discounts view: added column 'If out of stock'
-Pink backound for current discounts are back in the Large view
-New setting: you can now 
set the maximum of products to duplicate
-New setting: you can now set default active/supplier/manufacturer values for products created in the grid 
-New setting: you can now set maximum number of tabs to open when you right click > See on shop
-Improved quicksearch which search in product references even if you enter only numbers
-Fixed bug on tags lang filter when there is more than 10 languages on the shop.
-Legends of uploaded Images: the # character of the product name used is deleted to avoid a Prestashop error.
-Fixed problem of truncated legends with japanese characters
-Fixed small issues.




-TinyMCE editor update for FireFox 11 compatibility for all Prestashop 1.1 to 1.4 users. Prestashop 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 can now use the image manager to improve their descriptions (images are stored in /img/cms/).
-Fixed small issues.




-Fixed bug in import process affecting categories creation




- Menu Catalog > Tools > Apply a default image to products without default image added
- A compatibility mode with Prestashop Ebay module added: more information
- For enhanced performances:  Article to read if you are using the AdvancedSearch module
- Changes log: employee ID added to identify who is making modifications
- Changes log: you may now configure the 500 limit of memorized actions within SC preferences
- Changes log: imports and exports are now added to the change log
- Warning message added if the short description exceeds the 400 characters required by Prestashop
- CSV Import: field id_category_default available
- Improvement of SC installation through a new script alloowing you to activate Ioncube on 1and1 web hosting company for shared hosting
- New piece of documentation added on setting up a cron task for automatic CSV exports
- New technical support platform launched:
- Prestashop 1.4.7 compatibility (no changes to SC required)




 -Added tools to import or export via an external CRON task (documentation soon available)
-The photo upload window is modified: you can now drag and drop image files directly in the window
-Fixed German translation
-Fixed category création for the case "a > b > a" 





-Added: German translation of the Store Commander user interface - Thanks to Mark Spangenberg & Sebastian Spangenberg from
-Bug fixed: grid settings were not saved in cookies for this new year.