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Replacing stock values by scanning product barcodes

With the barcode scanner tool in Store Commander, you can update stock on products and combinations by simply scanning the barcode on the actual product!

With this tool, you can add stock to the existing quantities, or remove stock, and even remplace the current stock on products of your PrestaShop store.

This article will explain how to replace the current stock on products/combinations of your PrestaShop stock with the real stock by scanning the product barcodes.

Click on the icon  on the toolbar to open the tool.

In the interface, select the option 'Replace stock' and add the value to apply.

Then place your mouse in the 'Code' field, and scan the barcode on the product.

Automatically, the corresponding product is found and the line is displayed in the panel.

To then validate these modifictions, 3 options are available for you to choose from:

1. click the 'validate' button on each line of the list

2. clck the 'validate' icôn  on the toolbar to validate the complete list

3. tick the option 'validate automatically' before you start scanning barcodes.