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What are the SEO fields redirect_type & id_product_redirected for?

The SEO view in Store Commander's interface includes a couple of fields named redirect_type & id_product_redirected.

Note that these fields are also available for CSV import.

These fields are used to indicate what to do when a visitor is on a product page that is no longer available (disabled).

  • If redirect_type is not populated or set to 404: the visitor will see a common error page for all errors.
  • If redirect_type is set to 301 or 302 and the id_product_redirected field is populated: the visitor will be redirected to this new product page.

Difference between 301 and 302:

  • 302 informs search engines that this is a temporary modification ; they will not update their index.
  • 301 is a permanent redirection and the page will no longer be indexed in search engines. Visitors will no longer find this page in Google.