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Products Grid: Adding a column displaying a product preset feature (read only)


We would like to add a column displaying values of a specific feature in the products grid.

We will then be able to:

- use the filters in the grids to optimize the selection of products
- rapidly export the products grid with this field



To add the field to the list of available fields for your products grids, click on the in the 'Add a field' panel and enter the following information:

What is the field ID?: myfeature


SC creates the field, you now need to populate the grid with:

Field name: Delivery
Table: Another table
Type: multiple choice
Refresh combinations: keep 'no'


From the Advanced Properties panel on the right handside:

- select the menu SQL Select and enter:

return ' , (SELECT fvl.value FROM `' . _DB_PREFIX_ . 'feature_product` fp
                LEFT JOIN `' . _DB_PREFIX_ . 'feature_value_lang` fvl
                ON (fp.id_feature_value=fvl.id_feature_value and fvl.id_lang=2)
                WHERE fp.id_feature = 3
                AND fp.id_product = p.id_product) as myfeature ';


In this instance, we use feature ID3. You can change the feature by looking for its ID in the Features panel (SC Catalog>Features)

Here we take the id_lang=2 which corresponds to the French language of our shop. This may vary depending on the configuration of your shop.

Exit the editing window.

The new field is now present in the list of available fields and you can add it to your product grids.


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