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Managing Suppliers in Store Commander

Here is how you can manage your suppliers in bulk with Store Commander.

The Suppliers panel can be accessed in the Properties column.


For products using combinations, suppliers can be managed from the Combinations grid:




In this Suppliers grid, you can:

 Associate one or more suppliers (Present)

 Add a supplier's reference

 Add the supplier's wholesale price

 Select a currency

 Set the default supplier




Please note that the wholesale price indicated in the Suppliers' grid is different from the wholesale price associated to your products and combinations.

If a supplier does not exist, you will need to create it in Prestashop Backoffice > Catalog > Suppliers.



Both icons on the Suppliers grid toolbar allow you to associate  or dissociate  multiple suppliers in just a click.

You simply select the suppliers in the panel (on an orange background) and hit the mass-association (or dissociation) icon.




Products with combinations

When a product uses combinations, suppliers can be associated in the Suppliers' panel and the information is automatically passed onto the Suppliers' grid located in the combinations grid.

All additional data such as reference, wholesale price and currency have to be set in the Combinations > Suppliers panel.



To manage your suppliers in bulk using Store Commander' CSV import tool, please refer to this article.


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