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Setting up promotions on products of the same brand in bulk

With Store Commander's filtering and mass-editing tools, you can set up promotions very quickly, and in this example, for all products associated to the same brand.

We first need to display all products associated to a a specific brand using the filtering tool. 

 From Catalog > Products List
 From the Large view, select the name manufacturer in the drop-down menu in column 'Manufacturer' to display all associated products



 Select all products using the mass-selection icon application_lightning.png

 Display the Specific Prices panel in the right hand-side column

 Click on the 'Add' icon on the toolbar The line created displays the IDs of all selected products on a single line.


 Enter the discount percentage (or amount), the start and the end date in the corresponding cells.


 You can now validate by clicking on the 'Refresh' icon 



This is it! In less than 2 minutes you have set up your promotions on all products of the same brand.
Repeat the above manipulations for another brand is required.

Download our dedicated Guides to learn how to manage your shop at lightning speed with Store Commander.

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