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Managing all your existing specific prices in one place!

Store Commander includes an interface allowing you to manage all existing specific prices associated to your products and combinations in a quick and efficient manner.

Watch this introduction video!



The interface is accessible from Catalog > Specific Prices

This interface includes 2 columns.

  • The first one displays 3 panels: the store tree (if you are working in multistore mode), the categories and a filtering tool allowing you to choose the prices to display in the main grid.
  • The second (the main grid) displays specific prices associated to products/combinations of the selected category.




The Selection Column

The three panels in the first column allow you to select the data that you want to display in the main grid.


If you are working in multistore mode, you can select the shop you wish to work on, to then display the categories within it, or you can select 'All shops' to display the categories of all your stores.


All your categories are displayed in this panel, same as in the products catalog. Once a category is selected, the products within it will be displayed in the main panel. In the specific prices interface, only products/combinations setup with specific prices will be displayed.

You can enable the display of all sub-categories by clicking on the icon   on the toolbar.


With the filtering options, you can decide which specific prices associated to products/combinations to display in the main panel according to a chosen date.

Indeed, you simply need to set a date in   which will be the point of reference.

By default, the date is today's date. Double click it to display the calendar to choose another date.

You then select the options below: BEFORE, ON or AFTER, or even UNLIMITED (all active promotions with unlimited dates).

You can also filter by manufacturer, supplier and also by country, simply by selecting the name(s) in the lists.

All these filters are cumulative and can be reset in a second by clicking on the icon  on the toolbar.


The Main Grid

The central column displays all the information that you need to manage all existing specific prices associated to your products and combinations.


Of course, you can choose which columns to display by ticking and unticking the corresponding boxes in the list displayed after a right click on the column headers.


Sorting & Filtering

Clicking on a column header allows you to sort the data, alphabetically or numerically, and you can also filter the data using the filtering line.



Modifying information in bulk

In the central panel, you can apply modifications in bulk on multiple products in seconds using Store Commander's copy/paste option.

Indeed, you can for instance enable the 'on sale' logo on hundreds of products very quickly.

First set the value to 'yes' on a first product.

Right click on 'yes' and select 'Copy'.

Select all other products or hit the mass-selection icon application_lightning.png  on the toolbar to select all products listed.

Right click again in the 'on sale' column' and this time select 'Paste'.

That's it, the modification has been applied in seconds!

The copy/paste option can be used on other fields such as reduction amount, percentage amount, start and end dates, countries and currency.



By default, only products without combinations are displayed in the main panel.
To show specific prices on combinations, enable the option   on the toolbar.



The Quick Export option  on the toolbar allows you to quickly export the information displayed in the panel onto a spreadsheet (Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice).
You can first sort and/or filter the products before exporting to obtain a customized export file, avoiding you to spend additional time formatting your file.

The quick export can be very useful if you need to modify the specific prices in bulk thereafter. Indeed, you can modify the information in the exported file, and apply the modification using Store Commander's CSV import tool. For more information, refer to the related articles below.


Displaying the product in the catalog

If you wish to see a specific product in the Catalog interface, you can select it and then hit the icon   on the toolbar.

The Specific Prices interface will automatically be minimized to display the selected product in the Catalog interface.

Creating specific prices

The Specific Prices interface only displays products/combinations with specific prices. If you wish to add specific prices to the displayed products or onto other products, you will need to do this within the Catalog interface, or using the CSV import if you need to create specific prices to hundreds of products in bulk.

See the related articles below.


Deleting specific prices in bulk

The icon  on the toolbar allows you to delete specific prices associated to products/combinations displayed in the grid. Make your selection in the grid and click on the icon.

Note that this does not delete the product/combination, but only the specific price associated.

Color codes

Color codes are used in the grid for you to quickly identify the status of the specific prices on products/combinations, current, past, future and also unlimited.

No color: specific prices with a date in the past - inactive promotions

Light pink: specific prices with a date in the future (scheduled promotion) - inactive

Dark pink: specific prices with a current date (current promotion) - active

Dark purple: specific prices with at least one unlimited date (current promotion) - active



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