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FAQ - Sales, discounts and promotions



How can I set up my specific prices in bulk to prepare the forthcoming sales period?

See this article.

How can I setup sales and discounts in bulk on multiple stores at once?

See this article.

How can I setup sales on products with combinations?

See this article.

We need to setup discounts on some products using a decreasing rate. For instance 30% off 1 stamp purchased, 40% off for 3 stamps and 50% off 5 of the same stamp. How can set this configuration up?

To setup a decreasing rate, you need to configure a specific price using a minimum quantity, 3 for 30% discount for instance.

This can be done in the Specific Prices grid located in the right hand-side panel on one or multiple products. Simply select those products before clicking on the  icon to create the promotion.

How can I add the 'On Sale' logo on the products pages in bulk?

The "On Sale' field is included in the Large and Promotions view in the central column. Choose 'yes' on a product, and you can then use the copy/paste option to apply on multiple selected products.

Can I get the 'On Sale' logo to be added to the product pages when the sales start?

The 'On Sale' logo is not linked to the discounts dates and it will therefore be displayed once you enable it (see above Q&A). The alternative is to get your webmaster to modify the template of your site.

How to trigger the sales to start at 8am?

Answer: Store Commander's functionalities include a start and end dates for your promotions, as well as hour, minutes and even seconds. You can therefore configure your sales to trigger them at a very specific time. More information on this article.

My discounts and dates are not showing in the Discounts view?

The Discounts view only displays data related to active promotions, highighted on a purple background. Scheduled disounts will be displayed in a pale rose background and the data can be found in the Specific Prices panel in the Properties column. Dates and reduction amount/percentage can be modified in this grid. More information in this article.

 Can I setup promotions on products of the same brand?

See this article.