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How to generate an export of my orders?

With our Order Export Pro module, you can export detailed order information such as Total Paid, Invoice n°, VAT breakdown, etc.

The module is available in Solo+ and MultiStore+ plans.

The tool is accessible from your Store Commander interface > Orders > CSV Export

Note that it's also accessible in the Order menu of your PrestaShop backoffice.

The configuration page displays 2 sections:

  • Filtered orders list: allows to choose filtering options to take into account all orders of your shop according to the selected options (order dates, order status, payment methods, etc)
  • Export templates: allows you to include fields you want to include in your exported file (id order, invoice n°, total paid, etc).

1 - Filtered orders lists

To create a new list, click on 'Add a filtered list' at the top right of the page.

Give a name to this new list, and below, select the options that will be used when exporting the order data of your shop.

Once your criteria have been selected, save the configuration at the end of the page.

2 - Export template

To create a new template, click on the 'Add new template' button:

Name your template, and then add fields you want to include in your export file, by selecting them in the various drop down menus:

Note 1: if you include fields from the 'Order details' list, which are product information, the export fille will display 1 line per product - as opposed to 1 line per order. Therefore, column total will not be correct.

Note 2: if you want to include VAT breakdown, only use 1 field (not VAT breakdown + VAT breakdown by order, etc).

Finally, save your template at the end of the page:

3 - Generating the export file

Back on the configuration page, click on 'Export' against the filtered list you want to use:

Then select the template you want to associate, name your file, and click 'Export':

Once the file is generated, a window will ask you to save the file.