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Multistore: Managing combinations in Multistores mode

Store Commander's interface allows you to manage your combinations for all your stores with:

  • 'Multistore Sharing Manager' panel within the combinations grid
  • Multistore Combinations' panel located in the Properties column


Combinations > Multistore Sharing Manager

This grid is accessible from the right-hand-side panel within the Combinations grid:


in this panel you can:

- visualize the stores a combination exists in
- enable/disable a combination in one or more shops



To display and modify multiple combinations of the same product, you simply need to select these combinations (on an orange background).

In the case of a multi-selection, a color code will be applied - refer to this article


Multistore : Combinations

This grid is accessible from the Properties column:


In this grid, you can:

- visualize quickly the store(s) the combinations exist in
- visualize and modify prices of each combination per store
- visualize and modify quantities of each combination per store
- apply modification in bulk using the copy/paste option in the pop-up menu

It is also possible to display combinations of multiple products simply by selecting these products in the central column.

To manage your combinations in multistore mode in bulk using Store Commander's CSV import tool, please refer to this article.



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