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Creating a new view

With the Interface customization tool, you can customize existing views, but also create new views, in all 3 interfaces: products, orders and customers.


First choose the grid you want to add the view onto, from the drop down menu at the top of the left handside column

  • Click on the  icon to create a new view
  • Give it a name and validate on OK
  • Select this new view in the list
  • The right handside column shows all fields available that you can add
  • To add a field to your new view, simply drag and drop it from the right handside to the central column. Note that you can select multiple fields before dragging/dropping them
  • Once all the fields you need are present, you can re-arrange the order by a drag/drop, and do not forget to validate the new order by clicking on this icon  on the toolbar
  • Once you're done, hit F5 (or CMD+R if on Mac)

You can now see your new view






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