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Products Grid: Modifying colors dynamically

To customize your grids, you can apply a color code on various cells according to their values.

In the Grids Editor Advanced section, select Products Grids in the left handside.

Select the corresponding field, or create a virtual field if it does not exist (in the database):

ID: testColor
Table: Another table
Name: testColor
Type: Display only


From the Advanced Properties panel on the right handside:

- select the menu JS afterGetRows and enter:

echo "
    if (cat_grid.cells(rid,idxCustomColumn).getValue() <= 0){


The above code adds a red color to the 'quantity' column when the value is <= 0.


  • The color applied by the code has priority over the color you may set in the Grids Editor configuration panel.
  • The code will be applied on all products grids.