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Updating Store Commander

Whenever a new update is available, you will be notified by a new menu being displayed on Store Commander's main toolbar:


 If the support and update period associated to your SC license, you can apply the update using the option above.

 If the support and update period is however expired, you will not be able to apply the update. You will first need to renew this period by logging onto your account on our website > my account > my licenses > Add 12 months.
 Upon payment validation, you will be able to apply the update direcly within Store Commander interface, using the option above.


If for some reason, the icon is not showing on your toolbar, or if the automatic update does not work, you can force the update.

From Tools > Settings > Application > Update > Force update = set to 1 + F5

You'll then see the pink heart icon to apply the update.

Remember to revert back to 0 on the Force Update option.



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