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Installation pre-requisites

Enough time wasted trying to install a Windows application on your PC! Store Commander installs directly onto your online store in just a few minutes, and you can start enjoying your new application and manage your catalog in a fast and efficient manner!


As it is a web-based application which you install on your store and not on a workstation, Store Commander is 100% compatible with PC, MAC and Linux. You may even perform some tasks on your iPad.

Browser recommendations

We recommend using the latest versions of the following browsers for their speed and reliability by order of preference: 

  1. Mozilla Firefox (the most flexible browser for working with Store Commander)
  2. Google Chrome (the fastest browser. Note: exporting products using copy/paste is not supported)
  3. Apple Safari (less reliable than it used to be)
  4. Internet Explorer (by far the slowest, compared with the others)

Web Server

Store Commander can be used on any server able to host PrestaShop v1.6.1 and above.

You will need 20 MB free space on your web hosting service.


Store Commander connects to your database using your PrestaShop IDs. No configuration is required nor does it modify anything on your database or front office template.

When you use Store Commander for the first time, it checks out the existence of the PREFIX_storecom_history database table and creates it if it does not exist. This database table contains the data stored each time changes are made in Store Commander.
The data can be viewed via the Tools > Changes History menu item. You can easily go back on previous changes made.