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Replacing product images in bulk

You need to update your product images and replace them with new ones, but you have hundreds or even thousands to replace?

You can replace your images in no time with Store Commander's CSV Import tool.

The import mapping include an additional database field called 'Delete images', which allows you to delete images associated to products listed in your CSV file before importing the new images.



As shown on the mapping example above, your CSV file will include the following columns:

- delete Images with a value of 1
- product identifier (name, reference or ID)
- URL of new images - please refer to our article 




All images associated to the product will first be deleted and then the new images (image column) will be added.

The order of the columns is vital. The deletion needs to occur before the import of the new images, therefore the column 'delete images' has to be placed before the column containing the new images URLs.

lightbulb.png Tip

During the import process, images are resized several time, and this could take time and system resources if you have hundreds of images to import.

It is strongly advised to use the auto-import option which will reduce the load on your server for a successful import.