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Grids Editor - How to create a new view

With Store Commander Addon Grids Editor, you can create new views in all 3 interfaces: products, orders and customers.


 Open Grids Editor interface from Tools menu

 From the left handside column, click on the  icon to create a new view

 Give it a name and validate on OK

 Select this new view in the list

 From the right handside comumn, you can see all database fields available that you can add to views and grids

 To add a field to your new view, simply drag and drop it from the right handside to the central column

 Once all the fields you need are present, you can re-arrange the order by a drag/drop, and do not forget to validate the new order by clicking on this icon  on the toolbar

 Once you're done, hit F5 (or CMD+R if on Mac)

 You can now see your new view





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