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Grids Editor - How to create a new view

Grids Editor add-on allows you to create new views in Store Commander's central column with any fields you wish to display.

  • Open the Grids Editor from the tools menu


  • In the left hand-side column, click on the  icon


  • Give the new view a name


  • Select the new view in the list (on an orange background)


  • All available fields are displayed in the right-hand-side column. Select one or multiple fields and drag them into the central panel


  • When all required fields are added, you can re-arrange their order by a simple drag/drop manipulation


  • When the order is complete, save the positions using the icon  on the toolbar


  • Once you have reset Store Commander, using F5 ou CMD+R, your new view will be accessible from the drop-down menu




The Grids Editor Pro version includes options to customize even more your Store Commander's interface. Please see this article to find out more on these options.