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What is the 'new partner code' for in the 'Configuration' tab?

​GetMyAffiliates module includes an option in the Configuration tab called 'Should the new partner code received replace the actual partner code for an affiliate?'


You need to use this option when:

  • You have 2 affiliate partners: website A & website B
  • A visitor is browsing website A and clicks on one of your banners (with url code WEBSITE-A) and registers on your site. The visitor becomes the partner's affiliate.
  • The same visitor browses Website B and clicks on one of your banners (with url code WEBSITE-B).


In this case, does the code received (WEBSITE-B) replace the WEBSITE-A code?

> yes: tick the option
> no: leave the option unticked


For more information on GetMyAffiliates module, please refer to our Users Guide.