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What is the 'new partner code' for in the 'Configuration' tab?

​GetMyAffiliates includes an option in the Configuration tab called 'Should the new partner code received replace the actual partner code for an affiliate?'


You need to use this option when:

  • You have 2 affiliate partners: website A & website B
  • A visitor is browsing website A and clicks on one of your banners (with url code WEBSITE-A) and registers on your site. The visitor becomes the partner's affiliate.
  • The same visitor browses Website B and clicks on one of your banners (with url code WEBSITE-B).


In this case, does the code received (WEBSITE-B) replace the WEBSITE-A code?

> yes: tick the option
> no: leave the option unticked


For more information on GetMyAffiliates, please refer to our Users Guide.