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Disabling combinations on your front office without deleting them

You will find a Store Commander add-on in order to perform this manipulation on the front office of your store. This add-on can be found in the tab "Addons" on our website with full product description.


It allows you to:


  • either deactivate products combinations in Store Commander's combinations grid without having to delete them from your store,
  • or deactivate all combinations using a specific attribute which has become obsolete, again without having to delete it from your store


When you re-launch Store Commander once the add-on has been installed, you will see a new column appearing in Store Commander:

One can be found in Properties > Combinations grid and the other in Catalog > Attributes and Groups.


To deactivate a combination that has become obsolete and that you do not want to be available for purchase, simply select it and then double-click in the cell of the column "Used" to either choose to deactivate it by selecting "No" or activate it by selecting "Yes" in the drop-down menu.







In the above screenshot, one can see that both 'black' and 'blue'' attributes have been deactivated on the store.