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Following up unvalidated carts

The Convert view in Store Commander is a mini-CRM in itself!

Indeed, you will be able to carry out numerous marketing and sales operations to increase your conversion rate and your sales thanks to Store Commander!

Here's the explanation in image:



The Convert view is accessible in the central column of Store Commander.

You can choose to follow up all shopping carts not yet validated if you wish or carry out an even more targeted operation. Use the filtering tool of the 'Total Cart' column to display only customers with value in their cart

Once done, you can export the list using the quick export option  to copy/paste the list onto a spreadsheet.

You can then use your usual mailing tool to send a message to all these customers.

Also, in the Properties column, you'll find a Cart panel, showing the products of a cart, the quantities as well as the date the products were added to the cart.

You can then decide to call the customer to validate the order directly with her/hom on the phone. Whilst doing this, open up the order creation interface by clicking the icon on the toolbar.

You now have all the cart information, that you can edit by deleting modifying or add products to the customer's cart directely with your customer over the phone.