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Adding combinations to a product WITH combinations via CSV import

Store Commander's CSV import tool allows you to add new combinations to a product already using combinations.

There are two possible scenarii: 

  1. Adding combinations using the same attributes groups (adding new attributes)
  2. Adding combinations by introducing a new attributes group


 Adding combinations using the same attributes groups

The product exists and uses combinations with, in this example, attributes groups Color & Size, and we wznt to add additional combinations for the same groups.



The CSV file will include:

- the product name

- the combinations group(s)

- the reference (for each new combination)

- .. any other information you need to associate to each combination (price, supplier reference, etc)










The mapping will be











The identification options







 Adding combinations by introducing a new attributes group

In most cases, all necessary combination attributes groups have been created at the same time. 
If a new attribute group needs to be added to a product already using combinations, it will then be necessary to remove the existing combinations and recreate them with the new attributes group(s). 
The procedure is as follow.

  • Run an CSV export of the concerned products and their combinations including the database fields:
    • name
    • attribute of combination (as many lines as there are groups used)
    • reference
    • prices
    • ... any other information associated to the existing combinations
  • In the CSV file generated, insert
    • a column A entitled 'delete combinations' (more information
    • a column for each additional attributes groups
  • Add all necessary information and save the file
  • Import the new data of this CSV file. This import will delete the current combinations and recreate them together with the additional attributes groups included in the CSV file.

This procedure is necessary because Store Commander cannot recreate and recalculate all attributes combinations when introducing a new attributes group.

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